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I have known Bratati since her childhood days when she visited me for taking music lessons. I had even then observed her deep involvement in and undying passion for songs. I knew, it was just a matter of time before she made her mark in the Cultural Arena. In later years she, has carved a niche for herself in the field of elocution. Multifaceted as she is, Bratati has blended her talents in recitation, singing and acting into a beautiful ‘bouquet' of achievements.

Suchitra Mitra


I have known Bratati for quite a long time. Since her early childhood her recitation fascinated me. Now her voice has matured, her pronunciation and enunciation have turned impeccable. She also grasps the basic objective of the poem easily, and clearly depicts it in her recitation, as a result of which the inner theme radiates to the audience with ease.

Nirendranath Chakraborty


The ease and clarity of pronunciation, a controlled emotion, use of dramatization, and exquisite voice control- are qualities which are essential for audio recital, and I feel Bratati possesses these qualities. She also possesses the inquisitiveness of a student, and a heartfelt urge to know more and learn more.'

Shankha Ghosh


As a recitation artiste she (Bratati) earned a lot of respect and has also generated a unique interest in recitation amongst her audience. To start something new takes a lot of courage, and Bratati possesses it. The clarity of her voice reflects her quality of life.

Sunil Gangopadhyay


She has been successful in popularizing the new wave in elocution amongst the masses. Poets often complain about the inability of reciters to convey the true essence of their poetry. But this cannot be said of Bratati. She is among the few accomplished reciters, who have the ability to understand the essence, and to communicate the virtues of poetry to her often large audience. I have often been deeply moved and overwhelmed to hear Bratati recite my poetry.

Joy Goswami


'I have known Bratati for a long time. I have witnessed this charming nightingale evolve as one of the leading reciters amongst other talented and popular artists, through her dedicated effort. She comprehends poetry intrinsically and echoes it in her recitals and is always in close communion with the true emotions and meanings of the poetry.

Being an outstanding student in the field of economics Bratati could have easily become an accomplished professor, however she followed the dictates of her heart and put her soul into becoming a recitation artiste, and has indeed evolved herself as an accomplished one .This proves her artistic character and her honesty. One cannot but be amazed by her qualities

Dibyendu Palit


I love listening to Bratati's recitations. I love it because of her power to emote, enunciate and evoke. She so effortlessly can draw out the soul of a poem that her recitations turn into revelations of the innermost nuances of the work. I know for certain that Bratati will move even farther, even higher, in glory and in greatness.

Subodh Sarkar


Bratati has elevated the art of recitation to a new height by dint of her total commitment to pronunciation, modulation and emotive powers that bring the best out of each piece carefully selected by her for giving her voice to. It is a rare equation between the thought and its expression that proclaim her professionalism. It is most reassuring for me whenever she recites a composition – for I know it will be true to the spirit of the work.

Mallika Sengupta

Dr. Pabitra Sarkar

“Bratati cannot claim any credit for her pleasing visage - but the area where one and all applaud her proficiency is entirely of her own making. It seems to me that she has received the right guidance from her mentor and everyone who inspires her. It is equally certain though that what lies at the root of her phenomenal success in the fare of quality competition, is her own will to do better and better and an assiduous preparation to reach these goals".

Dr. Pabitra Sarkar


Bratati's subtle treatment of poetry touches one's heart. Not just her spontaneous recitals, but her stage poise, performance and demeanour speak volumes about her discipline and dedication towards the Art. Essentially she has cultivated and mastered the showmanship required to entertain the audience for long hours. The choice and variety of subject matter of her performances is most impressive.

Soumitra Chattopadhyay


What is most striking about Bratati is her clarity of speech and precise communicating ability. She communicates not only at the intellectual level but also at the emotional. It is through this that Bratati reaches out to her audience with the feel, rhythm, and images of poetry. Most of us are aware of the conventions of contemporary poetry which the reciters in their earnest endeavour to cautiously articulate looses the spontaneity and simplicity of poetry. Often the existing middle-class Bengali intelligentsia has missed out the essence of poetry. Bratati has consciously managed to avoid these very fallacies. She belongs to a separate genre of poetry reciters.

Bibhash Chakraborty


Professional compulsions ensure that most part of the year I just breeze in and out of our city. That is precisely the reason why I've had limited opportunities of watching Bratati Bandopadhyay's live programme on stage.

I remember two instances. The first one was at the City Town Hall where I was accorded a civic reception and Bratati recited some poems. Next one was at a journalist's book release function where Bratati read out something from a written text.

I've no hesitation in admitting that I am quite a layman in this world. Yet I can tell you honestly as to what I felt. What comes across fro- her performance is a high degree of creativity – based on solid technical foundation.

Sourav Ganguly


It's been many years that I have known Bratati. My mind travels back across the bridge of times to sleepy Hridaypur... to a particular day that I spent there at the invitations of a young girl then on the verge of womanhood... in an ambiance of exploring the world of poems and recitations...the warmth of sharing food cooked by her... the memories of an approaching dusk on the wings of fireflies twinkling to the rhythm of a distant temple bell... and finally wending my way back to the station in her company, for returning to the din and bustle of a busy metropolis. Such are the memories of a day spent in the glow of a young mind in search of her destination in the wider and beautiful world of poetry... a world she has later on discovered through her incessant search, and assiduous disciplines - a world that overflows the warm confines of asleepy 'Hriday(heart)pur' in the moffussils.

Pradip Ghosh


Bratati's popularity is due to her intense expressions, exceptional clarity of voice, lucidity of pronunciation and the ability to bridge the gap and reach the audience with utmost ease. Bratati rightly believes that good poetry must be correctly and efficiently transferred to the right audience, to create its own benchmark of memorability.

Partha Ghosh


Nowhere in the world but Kolkata do thousands flock to listen to recitation of poems and none but Bratati commands this kind of an audience. I have known many elocutionists – but none so extraordinary as she. Bratati has created history.

Taslima Nasreen


Bratati is highly respected and loved by both aficionados of poetry as well as the lay public.

I was in a dilemma when Bratati requested me to introduce ‘Background Music' in her recitals. My hesitation was primarily backed by the fear that ‘society has never welcomed revolutions with open arms'. She very courageously gave a lie to my misgivings. Background music had been used earlier in poetry, but this was different – keeping in mind Bratati's recitals, which had a characteristic dramatic essence, I went on to compose the music accordingly, and the response to it has been very heartwarming for both of us.

Kalyan Sen Barat


Quite an extraordinary contemporary artiste responds to the name of Bratati Bandyopadhya. It will be presumptuous on my part to attempt any analysis of her qualities. Suffi it to say that her accurate pronunciation and ability for subtle dramatization lend an exclusive dimension to her recitations. When Bratati takes the stage illuminated by a center focus, it seems to me that by some strange powers, she is able to look deep into the eyes and minds of an audience that is out there in darkness. Amazing is her power to hold each person in thrall. Personally I await many such experiences.

Srikanta Acharya


Modulation that overwhelms beyond the pale of age, and feelings that flit from mood to mood - steeped in its many nuances - that's what Bratati epitomises for me.

Here it not for her recitations I would have never experienced what a traffic between the head and the heart meant, may Bratati and her 'creations enjoy the perpetuity that brilliance deserves.

Kumar Shankar Bagchi, Managing Director, Bengal Peerless


The gradual concretization of a father's dream like the blossoming of a flower bud, is what Bratati, my daughter, has meant for me over the years.

What is most gratifying is her own total equation with the world she lives in, works in and is passionately in love with. It is a divine gift that she possesses – a gift that enables her to accept the rough with the smooth, and the tough with the soft with composure and dignity – a gift that enables her to make people laugh with her and shed tears with her, to see with her and to feel with her – the myriad emotions that she so committedly tries to project through her recitations.

May she continue to accept praise with humility, and success with gratitude. As a father I can wish for nothing more

Manjul Kumar Bandopadhyay (Father)


Looking back in time I am reminded of Bratati's childhood years. From the tender age of three, Bratati had started reciting, and had an extreme passion for the art. Recognizing these skills, I encouraged her to a point of inspiration and attended to her incessant intrepid questions to the best of my ability. I knew, she would reach her goal, as she had the confidence to pursue it. I pray, that her confidence fuels her to rise to newer heights in life.

Maya Bandopadhyay (Mother)


This is the first time that I have sat down to pen a few thoughts about a loved one – my sister (Didibhai). Soon I realized how difficult the task was. I could never imagine that my childhood playmate, with whom I have had quarrels and fought would grow up to be everyone's loved – Bratati. Whenever I see her on screen or on stage, I see a fiery confidence in her which helps her push forward in life. Often in offices, roads and buses I hear people in full praise of her. My heart fills with pride, but I withhold my identity fearing, that I might be asked for a complimentary ticket for her shows.

Finally I wish she continues on her road to success which she has attained with dedicated effort and hard work.

Bratin Bandopadhyay (Brother)


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